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OMR software is a computer software application that makes OMR possible on a desktop computer by using an Image scanner to process surveys, tests, attendance sheets, checklists, and other plain-paper forms printed on a laser printer.


OMR software is used to capture data from OMR sheets. While data capturing scanning devices focus on many factors like thickness of paper dimensions of OMR sheet and designing pattern.


The use of OMR is not limited to schools or data collection agencies; many businesses and health care agencies use OMR to streamline their data input processes and reduce input error. OMR, OCR, and ICR technologies all provide a means of data collection from paper forms. OMR may also be done using an OMR (discrete read head) scanner or an imaging scanner.

OMR (optical mark recognition) is a form of automated data input. Marks are made on a specially printed paper forms which are then read by an OMR reader. The data is then sent to a computer for processing. One of the most common uses of OMR is in multiple choice examinations. Students mark their answers on specially printed sheets using either a pencil or a special marker. The sheets are then collected in and the data read using a sheet feed OMR scanner



There are many other applications for OMR, for example:
>> In the process of institutional research
>> Community surveys
>> Consumer surveys
>> Tests and assessments
>> Evaluations and feedback
>> Data compilation
>> Product evaluation
>> Time sheets and inventory counts
>> Membership subscription forms
>> Lotteries and voting
>> Geocoding (e.g. postal codes)
>> Mortgage loan, banking, and insurance applications

Other Uses:
>> Attendance registers in schools
>> Survey forms for market research
>> Time sheets in factories
>> Lottery Forms
>> School tests


The technology is easy to use and requires little training This helps us to easily detect mistakes in an answer sheet IT-Marvels is a best in providing OMR Software Solutions and OMR sheet reading outsourcing services in India which include OMR Software, OMR Sheet & OMR Scanners for objective OMR Answer Sheet checking or objective MCQ Answer Sheet checking and OMR Form reading. Our softwares are relied upon by the most sensitive and used across organisations which include Recrutiers, HR Firms, Coaching Classes for Competitive Exams, Schools, Engineering & Technology Colleges and other Professional Education Institutes. OMR Software has gained popularity in the IT solutions market, profoundly because of its cost-efficient techniques as compared to its expensive hardware counterparts (like OMR machine scanners). Even for a first-time user, a completely new integrated system comprising the OMR software and a flatbed or an ADF(Automatic Document Feeder) scanner will cost only about 1/4th the price of an OMR scanner machine.


Licensing and Maintenance
Generally, a company will charge a one-time price for the purchase of OMR software with a lifetime license. OMR licenses are economical when you consider deployment of evaluation centers at multiple locations. Unlike the OMR scanners, evaluators can process the sheets from any location using the OMR sheet software at reduced prices. The software facilitates cheap and fast multi-location deployment, considering that the OMR scanners need to be physically deployed at each evaluation center, which takes a lot of time and money. OMR software solutions are undoubtedly preferable for conducting examinations on an international scale. OMR software solutions come with easy maintenance and do not need continuous attention from personnel, which is always needed in the case of the traditional OMR scanners. Besides, machine based solutions are prone to wear and tear and hence have a definite lifespan. Needless to say, software solutions never die, and technical issues can be resolved remotely. Upon using the software for over a year, advanced users can opt for additional software updates, which can be downloaded from the central server and installed in the computers. Extra training modules and continuous technical support can also be availed by paying a small annual maintenance fee. The process of OMR - Optical mark recognition has totally changed in last 10 years. Earlier expensive OMR sheet reader machines were used as OMR sheet readers. Now OMR sheet reading has become much simpler and economic. The role of OMR sheet checking machine is eliminated.


Now the OMR sheet reader software is used as OMR sheet checker and OMR form reader.
OMR sheet design is created using the OMR sheet design software.
OMR sheet printing can be done using normal laser / inkjet printer or photocopy or offset printing.
Any ADF scanner (Automatic scanning from pocket) can be used for OMR sheet scanning.
AnAny regular flatbed scanner (1-by-1 sheet) can be used as an OMR sheet scanner.
OMR software is the main component in the OMR sheet scanning process.


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